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Welcome to the chaos. Expect the unexpected. Just kidding. I'm currently a student at Kent State in the geology department. Hopefully graduating....soon!!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

I'm done

I'm completely sick of school. I can't wait til we are done with this semester. I'm now regreting the fact I didn't apply for Dec graduation too. I'm hoping a good, long summer break will be the answer to all my problems. A few of my friends are graduating in May/August and leaving...not helping my mood at all. But I'm really excited for them, all of them have great grad programs or jobs to go into. I wish you all the best. I hope we can keep in touch when you are all become big and important people. I hope everyone has a great summer and we stay in touch.

Monday, May 01, 2006

This weekend

This weekend was ok, as a whole....

b/c matt told me to say something